From the NFA Archives: Nickerson Secret Code

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  Can you decipher the Nickerson “secret code?”              The archives of the Nickerson Family Association, located in the William Emery Nickerson Archives in lower level of the Genealogy Center, hold many intriguing documents and artifacts that may some day, with further research, yield up their secrets. We have paper documents such as late 18th century notes written by a ship’s captain on such mundane topics as what food items he brought on shipboard, Ensign Leon Edgar Nickerson’s ...

Where in the world is Squanto?

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Where in the world is Squanto? Out in front of the Nickerson Family Association’s grounds at 1107 Orleans Road is a 1955 plaque that you might have been wondering about. It says Squanto was buried “somewhere within gunshot of this stone.” What is this all about? Squanto, also known as Tisquantum was, of course, the Pilgrims’ guide famous for his ability to speak English. A member of the Patuxet tribe, Squanto lived for five years in England, Spain and Newfoundland after he was taken...